Friday, July 31, 2009

Who am I?

My name is Michael Levy. I’m a software developer in Cincinnati Ohio. I’ve been in computer consulting since 1993 working mainly with Microsoft technologies. I started my career working with C and Fortran. Then I moved to Foxbase and FoxPro, followed by Visual Basic and SQL Server. Finally I moved to the .NET platform around the first beta. Since then I’ve worked almost solely with C# with a hint of VB.Net.

In my career, I’ve worked in a variety of industries including Environmental, Financial, Insurance and automotive for client throughout the US. There was even a point in time where I traveled, teaching Visual FoxPro and SQL Server for a Microsoft CTEC.

Currently I work for SDS Consulting, a Microsoft Gold Partner that covers South-western Ohio and Northern Kentucky. This is my fourth employer in 19 years. I believe that the shortest amount of time that I’ve been at any one employer was three years.

So, I build custom software solution on the Microsoft platform. My area is desktop-type applications. I wouldn’t call myself an ASP.NET developer but I do dabble with it periodically. I’ve been in the business for a long time, which is why I almost always have an opinion.

Why now?

Eventually someone that I know is going to find this blog. They’re going to ask “Why now after all these year?” I suppose that I could answer “Why not?” or “I finally felt that I had something interesting to tell the world – or anyone that would pay attention long enough.”  I’m not sure what the real answer is. Monday of this week something kicked in and I felt that I wanted a blog. Even worse, I went out and registered a domain name:

What am I going to fill this blog with?

Well, obviously topics in the domain of software development. I also like to cook and bake with my daughter so some successful recipes seem like good candidates. I’m also learning to play the guitar.

More ramblings to come.