Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is where I am

I was assigned to an engagement this summer that had me working a lot of hours. 60-70 was the norm. I even did 97 towards the end, so that batch-processing could be delivered on time. The net effect of all that work was that I had to drop my workouts from my weekly schedule. I didn’t workout for a good six to eight weeks.

I started back to the gym when things calmed down. I was doing the 531 workout before the craziness started so I decided to pick it back up again. Unfortunately I had to backup a couple of cycles.

I just finished another cycle, and since this is the start of a new years, I thought I would post my max lifts for the four main exercises that I do: Standing military press, Deadlift, Bench press and Squat. I’m mainly doing this so that I have an easy way to measure my results this time next year.

Lift Weight Reps Theoretical Max
Military Press 120 7 148
Deadlift 265 10 353
Bench Press 225 6 270
Squat 200 12 280


About the Theoretical Max

In the ebook that describes the workout, Wendler provides a formula that can be used to calculate an estimated one-rep maximum – a guess at the most amount of weight that could be moved for one repetition:

Weight x Reps x 0.0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM

The prescribed purpose of the formula is to provide a means to compare two lifts in order to gauge progress. Which lift is better 215 for 8 or 230 for 5. I use the formula to set rep goals.

I’ll start a new cycle tomorrow. I look forward to seeing where I am in a year.