Monday, September 6, 2010

Ascendo DataVault & Blackberry Desktop Manager v6

I’ve been a Blackberry Storm 9530 owner since the device was released. I’ve been really happy with the device, especially with the application ecosystem. There are lots of apps for the device. (There are a lot of apps for Blackberry devices in general).

As a computer professional, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I’m a member of a large number of sites and that leads to a lot of username/password combinations to keep track of. An app for tracking passwords is a necessity for me. I don’t have the memory to track them all. Single-sign-on can’t come fast enough.

So I tried a bunch of password apps and ended up with DataVault from Ascendo, mainly due to its flexibility and the fact that there is a version that runs on Windows and the Blackberry Storm. The two versions will sync between each other through the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

This worked well until about a month ago when RIM released v6.0 of the Desktop Manager. According to an FAQ on Ascendo’s site, RIM removed an API that Ascendo was using to support synchronization. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that synchronization was broken until today.

The FAQ suggest upgrading to the latest version, 4.7.1 which has a fix for the problem. Still no syncing for me.

Another FAQ suggests upgrading the device version to the latest. Still no syncing for.

On a whim, I try running the Desktop Manager as Administrator. Surprise! The sync dialog appears.

Only two hours lost.