Thursday, October 1, 2009

VMware Workstation and Resharper

I’m a huge fan of both VMware Workstation and Resharper. I do all my various software development tasks within a virtual machine. Each client or project gets their own VM. It really lessens the chance of an environmental changes for one client affecting another client or project. If that’s never happen to you, consider yourself lucky.

I have Resharper configured to use the IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts. I started using Resharper back with version 2.? and those were the shortcuts in place at the time. So those are the ones that I’m used to. One of my most used navigation shortcuts is Ctrl+Alt+F7, which is Find Usages. The shortcut never worked in the VMs. Well, today I realized that VMware was intercepting Ctrl+Alt as the hot key to release the mouse back to the host computer.

Luckily VMware has an option to change the hot key combination. Under Edit | Preferences and then select the Hot Keys tab in the Preferences dialog. I’m now using a custom combination of Ctrl+Alt+Win.