Sunday, April 24, 2011

Workout Update

Back on 8 Jan, I had finished up a workout cycle and posted my lifts at that time. Since then I’ve completed four more cycles. Here are the current numbers:

Life Weight (lbs) Reps Theoretical Max (lbs)
Military Press 140 1 145
Deadlift 300 3 329
Bench Press 240 5 330
Squat 230 4 260

Just looking at the weight, you would think that I’ve gotten stronger. In fact, I feel stronger. Yet, when comparing the theoretical max between 8 Jan and now, I have dropped in all the lifts except the bench.

My guess is that I underestimated my one-rep max (ORM) for all but the bench when I started the workout. Now the reps that I’m getting are closer to those on the workout. The third week of the cycle calls for three sets at 5,3 and 1 reps respectively. Previously I was getting 10s and 12s. Now the reps are closer to schedule.

The Bench Press results are most interesting. This is the lift that I was disappointed with the most since I wasn’t seeing the gains that I was seeing with the others. In fact, I was really considering changing this part of the workout. In reality, a 60lb increase in four months is probably pretty good.

Based on the two sets of results, I think I’ll stay on the workout, unchanged, for another three or four cycles.

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