Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hyper-V: “No virtual machines were found on this server” and “Access Denied”

It seems that my adventures with Hyper-V will never end. Today I was finishing up the rebuild of my laptop, which included installing the Hyper-V manager. Luckily I had previously taken good notes, I just wish I had followed them. I remembered that I had to get the Remote Server Administration Toolkit for Windows 7. After installing it, I enabled it, tried to connect to my host server, and was rewarded with the Access Denied message. After a few minutes, the Access Denied changed to the No virtual machines… message.

Sadly I spent more time on this than I should have. After review my notes, I realized that I didn’t make the COM security changes using the DCOMCNFG tool. 30 seconds to make the change and no more error messages.

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