Sunday, May 30, 2010

TF31002, VS2008 and TFS2010

It’s funny (but not at the time) how easily you can find the answer to a question once you’ve already answered the question.

Last Friday I spent way too much time trying to figure out why I was getting the error TF31002 when trying to connect my Visual Studio 2008 instance to Team Foundation Server 2010. I knew you could do it. I have the configuration running at home. I have multiple co-workers with successful configurations. Yet, on these two machine, nothing but TF31002.

Today I can search and find all kind of solutions as long as I don’t include TF31002 in my search. Searching with the terms ‘VS2008 TFS2010’, returns the solution as the first hit. Search on TF31002 gets nothing useful. That’s why I put TF31002 in the title of this post.

The setup:

VS2008 with SP1 already installed.

We installed TFS2010.

We then installed Team Explorer for VS2008 and the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Service Pack 1 Forward Compatibility Update for Team Foundation Server 2010 (Installer). I tried to get to the TFS2010 box and received the error TF31002. Oh. I was told that you’re supposed to include the url to the team project :


That got me an nice message about not allowing ‘http:’, ‘https:’ nor ‘/’ in the server name.

Sound familiar?

Sadly, the answer is in the sequence of the installs. Since I installed Team Explorer after installing VS2008 SP1, I had to reinstall SP1 and then the Forward Compatibility Update.


  1. Thanks friend, your blog-item has probably saved me from a severe headache!

    Hans, a software developer from The Netherlands.

  2. Thanks, this post helped me a lot! You are now top 1 of "tf31002" in Google.

  3. Thanks Michael, much appreciated.

  4. Thanks Michael for saving my time....

  5. I'm still getting this error message with TFS 2012 even after doing the installs for VS2008 in the correct order.

    1. Brian - Did you install the forward compatibility pack for TFS2010 or TFS2012 (