Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windows Phone 7 syncing to online Exchange results in Error 85010014

I upgraded my phone to the Mango update yesterday. Everything went fine except or so I thought. This morning I noticed that my phone hadn’t synced to the company’s Exchange account (Microsoft BPOS) for over 10 hours. When I forced a sync, it resulted in the following error message:

Not Updated
There’s a problem with Try again later.
Last tried xx seconds ago
Error code: 8510014

I screwed around with the configuration for more time than I should have. I tried reentering the server. I tried entering the password again. I even removed the account from the phone and recreated it.

I even went to the Mobile Devices section on OWA and removed the device and then removed the account AGAIN.

Nothing worked.

This evening I stumbled onto something that did work.

I recreated the account on the phone (for the fourth or fifth time) and received the error again. On a whim, I unchecked all the content types under the Content to Sync section (Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks). I then issued a sync and it worked! I then added Email and re-synced. That worked! I continued to add the other three items, one at a time and followed by a re-sync.

Now everything is good again.

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