Monday, August 10, 2009

Upgraded the laptop to Windows 7

I’ve had Windows 7 on my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop since the RC was made available. For the RC, I took the opportunity to get a new hard drive. I wanted to create two partitions. One for the OS and one for data. I periodically repave the machine and it’s painful every time. So I look for opportunities to minimize the hurt.

That’s why I started doing all project work and installing betas in virtual machines (VMware Workstation). I don’t have to worry about a refresh affecting one of my projects nor do I have to worry about an install for one project affecting another.

When I read that Windows 7 was to be released,I wasn’t looking forward to spending the hours reinstalling. I was quite pleased when a co-worker brought this article to my attention.

I followed the instructions, using VMware Workstation to mount the ISO as the CD drive. And just in case, I burnt everything to a DVD after modifying the configuration file.

I had no problems with the Windows upgrade, but after it rebooted, the AVG firewall wouldn’t start. The firewall reported the following error description:

Firewall cannot start because on error has occurred in communication with a driver. Please contact AVG Technical support.

Reinstalling AVG corrects the problem.

I’m now running the RTM of Windows 7 and I only had to reinstall AVG and VMware Workstation.

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